Solutions Gateway Terms of Use

By accepting these terms of use, you are stating that you read, understand and accept in full all its contents.

Authorized use

The intended use of the Solutions Gateway is for local governments only - elected and appointed representatives and technical staff included. Local Governments can register and use the Solutions Gateway free of change.

The use of the Solutions Gateway for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. The registration for use of the platform by any third parties, such as consultants, will not be approved.

Should you stop being a local government's staff or representative, your authorization for use of the Solutions Gateway ceases.

Restricted use

The access to the Solutions Gateway is only authorized to registered users. Registered users receive unique access credentials (username and password). Sharing your individual access password, intentionally or involuntarily, with anyone else is strictly prohibited.


All cities are unique. The Solutions Gateway has been developed as an advanced knowledge catalogue to provide an overview of possible Low Emissions Development Solutions. The Solutions and Packages it contains provide guidance on general conditions, which may not correspond to the existing conditions in your city or jurisdiction.

The consultation and use of the Solutions Gateway does not waive the need for the Local Government to assess the feasibility of a Solution or Package in the local context in its city or jurisdiction, prior to implementation. Also please note that the impacts, benefits and co-benefits indicated are generally valid but may not materialize in particular circumstances. By accepting these terms of use I confirm that I understand these constraints and accept not to hold ICLEI, neither any partner nor supporter organizations, liable for any damages which may derive from the misuse or misinterpretation of the Solutions Gateway or its contents.

Downloads and prints

Registered users are allowed to download and print Solutions, Solutions Packages, and case studies. It is prohibited to share Solutions and Solutions Packages, in printed or digital format, intentionally or involuntarily, with anyone outside the local government or organization.


The contents and visual elements in the Solutions Gateway are copyrighted. ICLEI ´s methodologies, materials, and tools build upon 20 years of expertise and experience working with Local Governments around the world. ICLEI encourages the active dissemination of its work; however, ICLEI also wants to endure the adequate use of the Solutions Gateway and its contents.

By accepting these terms of use you commit to never erase the Copyright or the Disclaimer statements when reproducing a Solution or Solution Package in part or in full. You also commit to always acknowledge the source of information, which should be referenced as: “[insert name of the Solution or Solutions Package], Solutions Gateway, ICLEI, accessed in [insert date]”.

To learn the details of the copyright of materials included in the Solutions Gateway which are owned by other organizations, please refer to their respective websites.