Pool of Experts

What is the Pool of Experts?

In the Urban-LEDS project, jointly implemented by ICLEI and UN-Habitat, the Pool of Experts is created as a global multi-disciplinary network of professionals who can provide Local Governments with necessary support and expertise when developing urban Low Carbon Development Strategies (LEDS). This theme requires a wide range of expertise and skill sets from many different themes and sectors to help outline the strategic direction, offer specific technical support, guide organizational improvements (process and structure), as well as provide financial advice or build capacity to develop bankable project concepts. Not only energy, transport, buildings, waste, smart urban infrastructure, urban planning, etc.. are relevant. The focus on low emission development / climate change mitigation also links to many socio-economic and sustainability issues which should be considered when aiming to achieve win-win solutions for the wider community and the local government.

Join the Pool of Experts

An invitation to join the Pool of Experts is extended by ICLEI and UN-Habitat to professionals with a proven track record. These may include experts from research and academia, the business sector, non-governmental organizations, financing institutions, as well as local, sub-national and national governments (contact: urban-leds@iclei.org).

How can local governments use the pool of Experts?

Initially Urban-LEDS Project Cities are the main clients of this Pool of Experts. However, this will later be expanded to include ICLEI members, participants on the GreenClimateCities program and cities in Least Developed Countries – with other partnerships to be explored. The local governments will gain access to a centralized pool of experts who could for example offer support in:

  • Identifying and screening context-relevant cost effective Low Emissions Development solutions.
  • Developing concepts, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, investment portfolios, green public procurement rules, and tender procedures for bankable projects.
  • Training on stakeholder involvement, project management and implementation, achieving credit worthiness, compiling a greenhouse gas inventory, and many other technical and soft skills.
  • Understanding the local context, integration of low emission development into existing policies, requirements for organizational change, and monitoring progress.
  • Exploring national framework requirements, strengthening ties with national institutions, fostering innovation.
  • What services can experts in the Pool of Experts provide?

    Experts may be invited to deliver workshops, to provide support for project implementation in project cities, and to develop resources which may be useful for overall project implementation such as case studies, content for the Solutions Gateway, and tools.

  • How is the Pool of Experts set up?

    The Pool of Experts is created in an existing online framework used by many professionals, namely as a closed LinkedIn group managed by ICLEI. This is a free platform for professionals who add their profiles online, including information they wish to share and manage. As such it offers a neutral platform to search for / offer specific expertise. This is not a pool for companies, only for individuals. Calls for technical assistance will be listed on the Urban-LEDS website for a limited timeframe. Those experts that do not wish to add a profile on LinkedIn can also provide their CV and outline available expertise to ICLEI.

  • Does joining the Pool of Experts guarantee hiring the expert?

    No. There is no commitment to hire anyone. This is just a simple facilitation process between target groups, aimed at identifying potentially useful contacts. Connection and follow-up is done at own discretion.

  • How to join the Pool of Experts?

    If you already have a LinkedIn account, visit the group's webpage and click the "Join" button. If you do not have a LinkedIn account you can request to join this group by writing an email to uleds.experts@iclei.org

  • Can city representatives join the Pool of Experts?

    Yes. This is the most direct way to gain access to the experts on strategy, technology and finance that have joined the Pool of Experts. It enables you to network and to actively participate in the discussions. At the same time it also enables you to profile yourself and share your expertise with other cities across the globe.

  • As an expert, what benefits do I get for joining the Pool of Experts?

    • Visibility as an expert towards potential clients
    • Opportunities to develop partnerships, and for knowledge sharing and technology transfer.
    • Visibility and recognition for your work and expertise.
    • Opportunity to promote your ideas and solutions near decision-makers, particularly in fast growing cities in emerging economy countries.

  • Can private companies join the Pool of Experts?

    No. Experts participate as individuals, although they may be associated with the private sector. By joining the Pool of Experts, experts commit to providing independent advice.


The “Pool of Experts” aims to provide objective support to Local Governments on the implementation of Low Carbon Development Strategies (LEDS) in their territory, through strategic, technical, financial, and organizational advice, both context specific and/or based on general good practices. The support provided within this service does not constitute an endorsement by ICLEI, UN-HABITAT nor the European Commission, and these entities are not responsible for the outcome of the expert advice received. Use of the service is at the user’s sole risk.