What is the Solutions Gateway?

An online resource platform for Local Governments where they will be able to find possible Low Emissions Development (LED) Solutions for their cities.

It contains sectoral and cross-sectoral packages of activities, structured along local government responsibilities and spheres of influence, to support cities in the development of low-emission strategies, plans, and projects. The Solutions Gateway contents are based on proven technologies and practices, distilled into Solutions and Solution Packages which are drafted and peer-reviewed by experts of the respective field.

The Solutions Gateway was developed under the Urban-LEDS project, funded by the European Union, and jointly implemented by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and UN-Habitat. Initially it was only available for the 37 Urban-LEDS project cities (July 2014 - March 2015). Since April 2015 it is now accessible for use by all interested local governments.


Solutions are processes, or groups of actions, which Local Governments can implement to deliver climate change mitigation results and enhance local sustainable development.

Taking an integrated approach, Solutions include information on the enabling and multiplying actions essential to maximize their effectiveness and generate synergies, including: policy, regulatory, governance, capacity building, awareness raising, stakeholder engagement, etc.

Benefits for cities

  • Support for the development of the city´s Low Emission Urban Development Strategy
  • Easy access to advanced knowledge on proven technologies and best practices
  • Peer-to-peer learning with other cities
  • Recognition and world-wide visibility for implemented actions by sharing own case studies
  • Means to give visibility and recognition to local experts
  • Opportunity to identify and connect with key knowledge transfer network and forum.

Key features

The Solutions Gateway is...

  • a provider of advanced guidance on Low Emission Development
  • Aligned with Local Governments' usual mandates
  • Based on proven practices and technologies
  • Developed by experts and peer-reviewed
  • Sustained by an integrated approach to maximize results, including enabler and multiplier actions
  • A source of resources to support implementation, such as inspirational case studies, finance tool, Pool of Experts, etc.

Vision behind the development of the Solutions Gateway

The Solutions Gateway was developed to accelerate:

  • Delivery of climate change mitigation results and other sustainable development results on the ground
  • Support to knowledge-based public decision-making
  • Performance monitoring and verification.

Mission of the Solutions Gateway

  • Provide high-quality contents and guidance within its scope, aligned local governments' general mandates and roles
  • Impartiality in the engagement of external entities, to remain equidistant to different companies, products and services competing in the market.

What does the Solution Gateway “not do”?

All cities are unique. The Solutions Gateway has been developed as an advanced knowledge catalogue to provide an overview of possible Low Emissions Development Solutions. Solutions and Packages are developed by experts according to good practices identified. Nevertheless the content is subject to change without notice as the state of knowledge and demonstrated practices evolves.

The Solutions and Packages it contains provide guidance on general conditions, which may not correspond to the existing conditions in your city or jurisdiction. The consultation and use of the Solutions Gateway does not waive the need for the Local Government to assess the feasibility of a Solution or Package in the local context in its city or jurisdiction, prior to implementation.

Also please note that the impacts, benefits and co-benefits indicated are generally valid but may not materialize in particular circumstances.

img description img description Solutions

Are processes which Local Governments can implement to enhance low emissions development in their communities.

img description img description Solution Packages

A group of Solutions under a given theme, clustered to generate synergies and maximize impacts

img description img description Case Studies

Examples of the implementation of Solutions and/or Solutions Packages by cities