What is the Solutions Gateway Finance decision-making support tool?

The Finance decision-making support tool helps Local Governments identify possible financing options to implement selected projects and realize their Low Emission Development Strategies.

The Finance decision-making support tool has three main components:

  • 1. Project Feasibility Assessment Tool (to be confirmed)

    This Excel based tool lists assessment criteria that will help local government to grade project risk and feasibility. This will assist in short-listing projects to be included in their Low Emission Development Strategy.

  • 2. Financing decision-making map

    Based on the local circumstances indicated by the user through a series of Yes-No questions, the local government will be led to the typical options available to finance or to assist the financing of selected projects.

  • 3. Finance decision-making support tool database

    Enables the user to browse information on international and national funding resources and their requirements, as well as case studies. Both will be categorized according to key financing parameters such as funding size, project type, political requirements, and geographic requirements.

The Finance decision-making support tool is currently being developed, and will be made available soon.