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NEW: Solutions Gateway's public launch at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, on 11 April 2015

The Solutions Gateway is now available to all Local Governments:

  • ICLEI members
  • Local governments whose cases are profiled in the platform
  • Other local governments: non-ICLEI members are also welcome to register and use the system for free!
Note: The platform is open to all local government political representatives and staff. To ensure expedite processing of your registration request, you should provide a verifiable email account hosted by your local government.

Why register to the Solutions Gateway?

  • To gain full access to the Solutions Gateway's contents
  • To profile your city's best practices in the Solutions Gateway
  • To profile your city's experts
  • To share your results so we can give visibility to them through our social media
  • To provide us feedback or your quote regarding the use of the Solutions Gateway
  • Registration and log-in are free of charge.

Why log-in to the Solutions Gateway?

  • Access to Experts
  • Guidance on urban Low Emissions Development solutions and Packages, namely:
  • Reality-check
  • Step-by-step process guidance
  • Suggested key performance indicators
  • Information on greenhouse gas mitigation potential of Solutions
  • Selected case studies
  • Tools and other resources
  • Finance tool (coming soon)